“Repetitions” illustrates the recalibration of how I observe my surroundings through a lens that languishes in extreme isolation. Inspired by the symposiums on archiving and memory offered by Art of the Gap, I overlapped three-lockdowns worth of photos off my phone of my flat and correspondence with my parents. Individually, these images project an aspirtional "progress," or "productivity" - a practice perfected on social media - which are familiar pressures for artists who fear becoming relics themselves. But once seen all together, this collective repetition creates a new narrative that provides a spectrum of feeling, movement from stillness, and reveals new hues of perspective on how I see the world and myself.

Artist Bio


Claire Wiener is a London-based production designer who is interested in the intersection of history, memory and design. She is currently pursuing a master's degree at Central Saint Martins, and continues to work in film and television.