Workshop 08: Integrated and Immersive approaches in curatorial practices: Highlighting the Hong Kong art history (1980s-1990s) in the realm of the contemporary era.

With Janet Fong (Curator, Research Assistant Professor, AVA, HKBU), Choi Yan Chi, May Fung and Lo Yin Shan


Saturday, 26 June 2021


1:00 – 4:00pm CEST / 7:00 – 10:00pm HKT


Hong Kong Museum of Art + Zoom

Maximum number of Participants

no limit


Registrations open until the workshop starts HERE


The exhibition New Horizon: New ways of seeing Hong Kong Art in the 80s and 90s, recently held at the Hong Kong Museum of Art, highlighted the art history, practices, and curating methodologies through integrated approaches linking past with contemporary practices.

The era of 1980s and 1990s is considered a turning point in the development of Hong Kong art. In bringing this era into the spotlight, the project does not attempt to present it in the form of a historical narrative[1], instead, it seeks to examine alternative horizons of the decades as the vantage points of the micro- [2] and macro history. This timeframe could be the starting point to attract fresh ideas, thus strengthening Hong Kong art's future development.

The workshop will invite participating artists along with the curator and the researcher of this research-based exhibition to discuss the idea of alternative horizons as a starting point to interrogate the development of Hong Kong contemporary art during those two decades. Exploring the links between personal experiences, organizations, events and developing local culture that embodied profound subjective sensibilities laid foundation for this research-exhibition. Audiences' engagement in this exhibition is also essential, along with recreations of art spaces and settings from the past. At the same time, participants engage with the artworks and archival materials with the unique Museum space of the Hong Kong and Victoria harbor view. Viewers find themselves connecting the past with the present. Ultimately, this creates the blurring of temporal boundaries. Importantly, it takes viewers on a cultural and historical journey. Viewers also explore embodied interpretation tools in the encounter with contemporary art forms with unique spatial engagement and plenty of archival images and materials for understanding knowledge in an immersive manner. The workshop opens up a multi-dimensional and imaginative space, where viewers are immersed in interactive experiences and associations.

This workshop is supported by the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

[1] Stefano Collicelli Cagol (2015). "Exhibition History and the Institute as a Medium," Stedelijk Studies, issue 2 (Spring 2015):

[2] “In the 1970s and 1980s, microhistory offered historians a revolutionary new perspective: the focus…was not on explaining historical change but on showing what the world looked like to a specific person at a single moment in time. Microhistorical incidents…serve as clues that point us towards a society's 'culture' and its interlocking system of meanings." Sarah Maza (2017). “Causes or Meanings?”, Thinking About History, p.181-185.

About the Speakers

Janet Fong Man Yee is a Research Assistant Professor at Academy of Visual Arts (AVA), Hong Kong Baptist University. Before she joined AVA in 2020, she has nearly 25 years of work and curatorial experiences in the contemporary art scene and has worked with a number of notable organisations including CAFA Art Museum at Central Academy of Fine Arts(Beijing), University Museum and Art Gallery at University of Hong Kong, Osage (Art Foundation and Gallery), 1a Space, New York Klein Sun Art Project and Moving Art Museum. Since 2011, she has also planned a series of art exhibitions related to scrutiny of the cultural identity of Hong Kong and its changes towards the rest of the world in a contemporary context. Janet has curated numerous exhibitions and conferences in Hong Kong, Beijing, New York, Shanghai, Chengdu, Seoul…etc. in the last 16 years.

Choi Yan Chi

May Fung

Lo Yin Shan