Against Political Naturalism

With Yuk Hui


Sunday, June 27


11:20am–12:30pm CEST / 5:20–6:30 pm HKT




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In this lecture, I will explain what I call political naturalism, which sees the natural or the biological as a political ideal, and as an exodus of the current politico-ecological crisis. I want to sketch a trajectory of such a political naturalism, and show that it originates from a specific condition of philosophizing in the 18th century, exemplified in Immanuel Kant’s political philosophy, and continued until our time in distinct schools of thought. However, I want to also show that how such a political ideal came to its limit in the 20thcentury after cybernetics, and it is necessary to interrogate it within some eco-political discourses.

About the Speaker

Yuk Hui is author of On the Existence of Digital Objects (2016), The Question Concenring Technology in China. An Essay in Cosmotechnics (2016/2019), Recurisivty and Contingency (2019) and Art and Cosmotechnics (2021). He currently teaches at the City University of Hong Kong.